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5,000 Ads

$50 $12 Per month, 68% off for the first 12 months. Save $408. New clients only. September Only
  • Up to 5,000 listings
  • Up to 5 pictures per listing
  • Free .shop domain
  • Free Mobile Apps

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30,000 Ads

$70 Per Month, billed every month, USD
  • Up to 30,000 listings
  • Up to 10 pictures per listing
  • Free .shop domain
  • Free Mobile Apps

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100,000 Ads

$150 Per Month, billed every month, USD
  • Up to 100,000 listings
  • Up to 20 pictures per listing
  • Free .shop domain
  • Free Mobile Apps

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300,000 Ads

$370 Per Month, billed every month, USD
  • Up to 300,000 listings
  • Up to 30 pictures per listing
  • Free .shop domain
  • Free Mobile Apps

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Features included in all plans

Use your domain

Use your domain, so your customers experience your brand better. Get rid off .yclas and use!

24/7 Professional support

We are here to help you 24/7. No matter what, we will always try our best to help you.

SSL encryption

With SSL encryption, you give to your customers an extra step of security.

Unlimited users & traffic*

Unlike others, we will not limit your site by the amount of traffic or registered users you have. We want you to succeed, and that means as fewer restraints as possible.

16 Awesome Templates

We have crafted themes for any business. We update them and add new ones regularly. You can use any template and change it whenever you want. You can also modify the CSS and make it your own! Check out our demos.

Mobile Ready

All our themes are mobile ready and have responsive designs. We also have native iOS and Android Apps. Search and filter ads based on customer location!

Custom Fields

With custom fields, you can customize your site to be anything you want: car dealers, job offers, rentals a forum, and more. You just name it! You can even add custom fields for users profiles

Social Login

Make the process of registering and logging in as easy as possible with social login: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Hotmail... You must have this!

Accept Paypal, Card or Bitcoin

We accept many payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, 2co, Escrow, Bitpay, Paysbuy, MercadoPago, Securepay, Robokassa, Paguelofacil - and we’re adding more!

Review & Rating system

Customers can review other customers and browse items based on the rating of the product or seller.


Send advanced newsletters to customers depending on their behavior. Also, it’s entirely integrated with SMTP and Elasticemail.

Adsense - banners

Monetize your site with an Adsense banner or any other HTML banner you want in an effortless way. Just copy and paste the code into our ready-made panel!

Maps and Location

Deep integration with google maps, auto locate visitors and display them nearest items!

Full CMS

Change any translation or email copies, create pages a blog, FAQs, Forums...

SEO Friendly

Auto Meta descriptions, keywords, sitemap, friendly URLs, Robots.txt, RSS feed, smart 404 page, analytics integration and more!

99% uptime and auto Backups

Forget about downtimes and creating backups, we’ve got you covered with our distribution network.

There’re a lot more features, check them out!

More features

Yclas Self Hosted

You're a pro and want to host Yclas on a server of your choosing? Yclas Self-Hosted is for you!

See the demo

Before getting started, try our demo: change themes, create ads, and test the features.

Do you want more than 300.000 ads? Need a customized template? Looking for custom plugins or anything else?

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom domain

If you do not have a domain name you can buy one here.

With this option, you will be able to use your own domain name such as "" instead of ""

After creating your site, you can go to your site details, and from there you can click on a button called "custom domain." Follow the instructions detailed there.

About WWW.

"WWW." it's a subdomain, your domain is " " if someone mistakenly decides to type the three extra "WWW," he will be redirected to the real domain "" so you won't lose any visit. This is much better and easier because the "WWW" does not mean anything.


We offer 24/7 online professional support directly from our developers. All our employees are real, friendly humans working from their homes. We love answering questions, solving problems, and helping you build your site.

You can open a new ticket here.

Support does not include:

  • Mentoring for technologies CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript or other technologies used in our software.
  • Sign up or support for third-party services.
  • Customization of software or themes.
  • System administration or server setup
  • Love counseling (a pity since we are awesome at it.)

We provide support in English and Spanish.

We don't offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. We decided to keep our support online for a few reasons:

    We can instantly view your website, account activity, system details, and other information so we can troubleshoot effectively.
    Building a website is a visual process. We frequently ask you to send us screenshots, videos, and links to help us see what you’re seeing. We can also send you screenshots and videos to guide you in the right direction.
    It's faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold.
    Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We'll always have access to previous tickets so you won't have to repeat questions.

Free .shop domain or 50% .com .net or .org. domain

When you upgrade to a paid plan in you get a 1 year free .shop domain name or a 50% discount on .com / .net  / .org domain name for the first year.

You will get a voucher to redeem at hover as soon as you pay. Check your email!


Currently, we accept Credit Cards, Paypal and Bank transfer as payment methods. We accept Paypal upon request, you can use credit cards, and it's available in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Access to Database or FTP

Q: Can I have direct access to the Database?

A: No you can not. Yclas is a hosted service, and we do not provide direct access to your database. Think of it like Gmail: You do not have raw access to the data directly since it's "shared with many others."

Q: Can I have direct access to the Files via FTP?

A: No you can not. Yclas is a hosted service, and we do not provide direct access to files since all clients have the same files. This is not a traditional web hosting services. If you need any modification, feel free to contact us.


Your plan will be automatically renewed seven (7) days before expiring, using the same payment method you used with your first purchase. You will be charged the original amount of the product without any coupons applied. We will notify you if we can not charge you in advance so you won't lose any work on your classifieds site.

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want to get renewed, you just need to go to our panel->details (choose your domain )->cancel subscription.

Cloud: You have 30 days after the expiry date to renew, or you will lose all your data.

Self-Hosted: You will not have support, updates for next releases and your free ios and android apps will stop working!  Your license will keep working.

SSL Encryption

With SSL encryption, you give to your customers an extra step of security. It's not mandatory to have it, but you will need it to auto-locate customers and for many payment gateways like Stripe, etc.

We will set an SSL certificate that isn't provided by us. For this, you will need to change your DNS and point them to the ones we will send you.

Be sure your plan does include SSL encryption before requesting us.

How to get an SSL certificate for your domain:

  1. Be sure you have a plan with SSL on
  2. Register at (it is free!).
  3. Point your domain name to the DNS that Cloudflare provides you.
  4. Activate Flexible SSL see image.
  5. Go to my sites
  6. Click on details of the domain you are interested
  7. Click on Activate SSL and confirm
  8. Start working!


Since January 1st, 2015, EU made a significant change to its VAT regulations that require businesses to pay VAT according to the locations of consumers. This was taken, mainly, because of large companies that have been avoiding higher taxes by establishing businesses in places with lower VAT. Unfortunately, this also put a burden on independent creators who sell digital products to customers in Europe.

At Yclas, we will collect that VAT and register it on our MOSS agency. You do not need to worry about anything. If you are a company registered on the VIES, you can edit your profile and add your EU VAT number, and we will not charge VAT if it's a validly registered company.


All our prices are expressed in USD, United States Dollar.

Change plan

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your domain to a better plan, you can do it! You need to choose a new plan from the pricing page and make a payment. That will be effective immediately.

Bear in mind that the expiration date of your domain will be the date of the purchase + the number of days that your plan had based on the price of the new plan. We round up.


You can cancel your Yclas subscriptions at any time without needing to contact us. For that please go to My sites -> Details -> Cancel Subscription.

Your website is set to auto-renew, and we follow these refund policies:

  • We offer refunds for renewal payments if you request to refund within 14 days. Before a subscription renews, we'll send an email letting you know you're scheduled for a payment. If you don’t want your site to renew automatically, you can disable auto-renew. We will not refund the payment processor fees.
  • We don't offer refunds for any cloud plan. We offer 15 days free trial before you buy, no credit card required, so you can test properly.
  • We don't offer refunds for downloaded goods or self-hosted products.
  • We don't offer refunds for consultancy or development jobs.

Please check our updated terms and conditions if you have any further questions.

Export my site

We do not have a tool to export your site since you are in a shared environment.

What we can do is export your site manually and import it into your new hosting. This has a cost of $180.

Remember that you will need to have Yclas Self Hosted Pro in order to migrate, you can buy it here

Contact us for more information.

Custom Banners

You can put any banner you want using Yclas service. Can be any HTML code you wish from any Ad networks.

If you want to use Google Adsense banners, they will not be displayed if you are using our free domain This is because Google Adsense banned all the domains at * due the fact that customers were generating fake clicks on their own ads. We can not restore that, we have tried contacting Google in multiple times.

If you still want to use Google Adsense, you can do it, but you need to use your own domain. This feature is available in all of our plans.

We are sorry about the situation, and we hope to get Google to lift the ban on the domain anytime soon.

Languages available

You can use any language you wish. The translations are not done by us.

Currently, we translate and maintain two languages:

  • Spanish (from Spain traditional)
  • English (USA/UK traditional)


With any plan, you can use all of our mobile-friendly themes with any scheme available for the template. You can change it whenever you want, and as many times you want!

This gives you access to almost unlimited different looks and feels options to choose from.


We are proud to have a 99% uptime. But you can check anytime you want our service status here.

Limit of Ads

If your plan has a limitation on Advertisements, you will receive an email to inform you when you reach the 90% of your allowed capacity. If you delete ads, you will have more space for posting, and you will be able to continue using the same plan.

If we detect that only spam ads are being posted, or used in the wrong way, we will contact you to fix the issue.

Allowed content

You can use your Yclas Cloud solution to host any kind of legal content in the US.

Not allowed: Scams, Pyramids Schemes, Explicit sexual content, Drugs.

If we detect any malicious usage or we are required to put down a website we will communicate it to you 24 hours before happening.

If you are not sure if your content it's allowed, please check our Self Hosted version.

Custom domain email

We do not offer Email Hosting but don't worry; there are solutions.

To setup Zoho Mail, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Enter your domain name and click “Add Domain.”
  3. Create your account and verify your existing contact email address.
  4. Verify your domain following one of these ways:

    • Add CNAME record
    • Add TXT record
    • Upload an HTML file

    Find more about this step here.

  5. Add Users: to add users, go to your Dashboard on Zoho Mail, click “User Details” on the left menu and then choose “Add Users” on the top menu.

Now you can send and receive emails with your custom domain. If you need more help with settings in your Zoho account, you can visit their documentation.

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